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From stress about school to dealing with bullying to thoughts of suicide and everything in between, kids, teens and young adults can talk to Kids Help Phone about anything.

You can be there for them, too!

When you collect pledges or donate to the BMO Boolathon, you are making a tremendous difference in the lives of young people in your community and throughout Canada.

Kids Help Phone is only able to be there for kids thanks to the generosity of people like you.

Every day, Kids Help Phone’s professional counsellors are available 24/7 to offer free, anonymous, confidential support when and how youth need it most. Kids Help Phone receives no core government funding and relies on individual, community and corporate support to fund this essential and vital service.

  • 100% of kids will experience sadness, frustration, grief, stress… Feelings of sadness, worry, and uncertainty are an inevitable part of growing up.
  • More than 6 million kids headed back to public schools, colleges, and universities this September. Many will need effective coping strategies to help manage the transition.
  • 1 in 5 middle school students report avoiding restrooms at school due to fear of being bullied.
  • Nearly ½ of teen girls and 1/3 of teen boys try to control their weight in unhealthy ways, like skipping meals, taking laxatives, or smoking.
  • About 6% of the contacts Kids Help Phone receives are from kids who want to help other kids. This translates into thousands of additional indirect contacts that Kids Help Phone makes with youth in Canada.

Strong, healthy and confident kids contribute to strong, healthy and confident communities.

6.5 million kids in Canada between the ages of five and 20 could reach out to Kids Help Phone at any time, with concerns large or small.

While every issue young people bring to us is related to their mental health and well-being, 30% are dealing with significant adversity, stressors, or mental health concerns.

The funds raised by BMO Boolathon participants go to delivering day and night professional youth counselling service, 365 days a year.

For some young people, Kids Help Phone is the only 24-hour professional counselling service available in their community that offers free, anonymous, confidential support in both English and French. We can’t be there for those kids without your help.

Raising $1,000 will help 30 kids in emotional distress who reach out for professional counselling from Kids Help Phone in an hour, breaking their isolation and helping them cope.

Raising $500 will provide 15 kids who reach out to Kids Help Phone with help and hope, so they believe they have something to look forward to and to feel “unstuck” in their lives.

Raising $250 will provide advice and support for approximately eight young people reaching out for help with a variety of problems, such as struggles in family relationships, mental ill-health, and loss.

Raising $100 will ensure a professional counsellor is available to three children, with any issue, at any given time, for as long as it takes.

Raising $75 will help two kids deal with a wide range of problems, including abuse, violence, divorce, and body image issues, to name just a few.

Raising $50 will help one child or youth who reaches out to Kids Help Phone when no one else will listen, with a problem such as bullying or coping with stress at school.

All funds raised will be directed towards the emerging priorities of the young people we passionately serve, ensuring Kids Help Phone continues its mission of improving the mental health and well-being of kids, teens and young adults in Canada.

The values and services described above are an approximate representation of our work.